Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Full of Beans

Occasionally I get a chance to do some media stuff in work. There have been 3 times I've been asked to represent Starbucks to the media & host a coffee tasting to help expand people perceptions about coffee.

I am a Coffee Master for my store and for our district and part of my role is to help educate my partners & our customers about coffee, from the origins, to processing & all the range of tastes of high quality coffee. It's not totally about Starbucks & more about helping others on a coffee journey to discover more about the highly prized black beans.

Here is a link to the latest article: Birmingham Sunday Mercury

Thanks to Andrea & Rachel from Cohn & Wolfe, Claire Barry from marketing in Starbucks, Andrew Reynolds, Coffee Education Manager and of course Zoe Chamberlain for writing such a cool article.

My job rocks.