Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Working on my website.

Finally I've gotten my server moved and a content management system installed. I'm tweaking the site and setting it up.
I've started to write content and I'm going to get some of my new music up there for you to listen to. I'll have to try and keep it up to date.
I'm going to blog there and have news etc, so I'll probably end up letting this blog fade away......

So, check it and sign up for some site feeds: RolyMiller.com

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Science of Sleep

Yesterday, Paula and myself went to see 'The Science of Sleep', a charming film written and directed by the wonderfully talented Michel Gondry who also directed 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind'. He also directed the 'Around the World' video for Daft Punk as well as videos for Chemical Brother & Massive Attack.

If you don't get to see it in the cinema definitely try to get it out on DVD, it is like a little massage for the heart.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coffee is my life....

I did mean to post a pic of the La Marzocco, I'd love one at home but couldn't afford to turn it on for the electricity it uses to stay hot!

This is the store where I work....

Great store, great baristas, great customers.

Out with the old... in with the new...

In the very cute little Starbucks store where I work there was a La Marzocco 4 group coffee machine that made great coffee with a little care and attention.

All the barista's are excellent and know how to coax a great shot of espresso out of the machine.

But, it is a lot of work and when we have a huge queue in the morning of thirsty office commuters it's tiring and slow. Thankfully for our RSI it's been replaced and we are really quick now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Late St. Patrick's Day post...

The photo is deliberately out of focus and not a result of the ingredients listed below:

Here are some of the perfect ingredients of for St. Patrick's Day.

A yummy pint of Guiness, the first of 2007.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whre I get some of my work done.....

London being London and rent being what it is. I only have a little bit of space in the corner of our main room that I call my studio! Well it's really just a writing & production zone. Probably the best description.

At the moment I am still working on a track for Greg at 3rock which is almost finished. (well the first one is finished but there that's only 1/3 on the same theme)

After that I'm going to make a stab at getting some tracks together for this my own CD. If you are in GVC then you'll get a chance to hear them before everyone else as I'll probably use then in Church or home group.

More on that note to follow, I'm sure.

Update.....pt.3 Paula stylin it....

Here's P stylin' it in South Kensington with all the 'Chelsea Tractor' driving Yummy Mummy's

I know she's gonna love this pic, but hey she never reads this blog so I'm pretty safe.

(to be fair it was cold and raining)


If you are stuck for something to do whilst waiting to get into the the Kylie exhibition in the V&A, then head across the road to the Science Museum it was very good and we only go to see 1 floor. Don't go on the weekend unless you have to, cause it's full of kids, not a bad thing in it's self just you'; have to queue up for all the good stuff! Will defo head back there! Dad you'd love it.

Here's a pic of Babbage's Analytic Engine, one of the first mechanical computers, I'm thinking of upgrading, just not sure if I'll get it in carry on for my next gig!


I just remembered that didn't give away any more information.

We did head to see Kylie at the V&A and it was rather good. If are in the area it's worth a visit. There are free tickets available so either book them online (for a £2 booking fee) or pitch up early and get them. They seem to go quickly, they were all gone by lunch time on the Sunday we visited and we had to wait about for 2 hours for our time slot.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ken & Val are in town

We're having a hectic weekend with Paula's parents in town. Yesterday we hit the East London Food festival.

Here's Ken the proud Oyster Card user at the bus stop yesterday before our whistle stop tour.

Today Val is heading to a day of lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and the rest of us are heading to the V&A to see the exhibition of Kylie's Clothes.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Go on the Irish....

What a great game of Rugby this evening.

I also had my Macbook pointing at the TV sending a video feed to the Teenstreet program meetings in Houston! The wonders....

My only regret is that I wasn't in the pub shouting abuse at the TV and any passing England supporters!

Next year...

Dad's Photography

Check this out, my Dad has been getting busy now that he's retired. Photography has always been a passion of his and now he has more time (& spare cash) to devote to it.

Looks like it's paying off! I currently have this set as my background on my MacBook but I would love to see it on a large scale printed on a canvas up on the wall of our apartment.

Like it? Want to see more..... check out the beetle.

3 rock 'Tide'

Also in the diary for this weekend is working on music for the next installment of the 3rock film DVDs.

Check out the pics from the video shoot, looks cold.

Also check the last 3rock DVD 'escalate'

Friday, February 23, 2007

Teenstreet program meetings... in Houston...

By the wonders on modern technology I'm at the Teenstreet 07 program meetings in Houston, this weekend, while still sitting on the couch in my apartment in London beside Paula who's watching TV. If you check out the MacBookPro on Deb's lap I'm on video chat on Skype watching the proceedings.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Church

Thankfully it's been a very short journey for us in terms of finding a church to go to here in London.

We thought it might have taken us ages since there are so many but I'm glad to report that wasn't the case.

It was a God thing that brought us there, so that's good... but that's quite a long story. Too long for my head space to try and type up right now.


GVC is where you will find us on Sunday mornings. Great people, great venue, great vision & passion..... I'm sure there will be more stories to come.

as promised long ago....

Ages ago I said that I was writing an article for our friends over at yo-ho.net

I did and here's the link to it...

Yo-ho article

Tino Sehgal in the ICA

Tino Sehgal
link at the ICA.

One of the reasons I wanted to resurrect the blog was the think and process all the different and crazy things we've seen and experienced here in London.

Yesterday we cycled into town for petit dejeuner in Le Pain Quotidien (oh my goodness it's good food). P had to visit Regent street to change something she bought and then she brought me to the Institute of Contemporary Arts on the Mall. I didn't get much information on what it was we were visiting and if you have a look at the link you can see it is suitably vague.

We got there, paid our money and were ushered into a large gallery which had about 15 kids running around playing, so I asked the attendant was it through here.... "No, that's it" was the response. After a minute or two of standing awkwardly up against the wall one of the boys in his blue school jumper came over and explained the rules of the game they were playing. There was nothing for it but to join in .

First up it was a chasing game that left you standing on the spot you were caught with your arms out until you 'freed' someone passing under your arms.

This was pretty hectic partly because I was wearing my cycling shoes with a metal cleat on the bottom so I didn't have much traction.

The second game was much more my style 'sleeping lions' and it was who could stay lying on the ground with out moving for the longest.

After that ended and before 'bulldogs' kicked off we had a quick word with one of the attendants, before we left, who explained that the vision for the work was to see allow kids to play without any objects. There were mixed school groups rotating every 45 minutes between playing and art exploration in the upper gallery, which we couldn't visit.

It was an interesting experience but Paula's question when we left said a lot about what I was thinking: 'Was it art?'

Wow... it's been a while

In fact it has been way too long even for apologies. So in my best attempt here's some excuses.

I tried to move my blog to our homepage but it got hacked in August.

We upped sticks and left Swansea for the bright lights of London in September and we've been doing our best to settle in here.

John Ryan was round here for a beer last Sunday night with Will McGarry and he was wondering what ever happened to the blog...... John, this one's for you.

More to come

love ya,

come drink beer/coffee/wine with us in London