Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Catalyst of hope

It started to snow last night just when Paula and I were pulling up at home after she had collected me from work. Stepping out of the car there was a visual treat of the puffed up flakes of the first fall hanging in the air deadening all the normal sounds. Some kids were poking their heads out windows and one girls was standing just outside her front door holding her hand up trying to catch a snow flake.

First thing this morning I pulled back the curtain to see if the snow had stuck, there was a small dusting on the roofs of the houses and enough to freeze up the car windscreens all the way up the street but there was no signs of any left on the ground. As my hope of enough snow to make at least 1 snowball faded I realised that it was a glorious morning. The sun was up strong in an ultra-clear, pale blue sky. It's warmth was melting the remaining ice on the cars and paths making it safe for our neighborhood to get on with our morning without deicer.

The white of the snow did not last long but in that tiny moment when Paula and I stood at our front door with a little hope that it would snow all night, it reminded me that sometimes all we need is the smallest glimmer of hope, the tiniest light in the dark will do to kill the darkness and lift our spirits.

I am going to go to work and try to be a catalyst of hope for my colleagues, our customers and anyone else who is close enough to interact with.

If you want more on the subject of hope check out the mp3 of Erwin Raphael McManus' talk over at

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Me little head is lifted out of it.

My head is now being fried by Brian Mc Laren's book 'A new kind of Christian', powerful stuff (thanks Mum). It describes a discussion between two friends about the state of the Church (& Christianity in general) and the move including associated difficulties from being modern to being post-modern or pre-something. It's quite personal in it's scope but I do think that we have to start with each one of us changing before we can effectively affect change in church or society. If you can get your hands on it have a read of it.

I'm trying to read the bible through my post-modern eyes and I'll let you know about that over time (it's all change that has been affected by McLaren's books).

I have just passed my Core 2 assessment in Starbucks and I unofficially got my hands on the Store Coffee Master's black apron! I never thought the green one went with my hair. In fact I've just worked the last 7 days straight (I've turned into such a fader since I have retired from IT). Today I am making the most of it and I am sitting in front of my Powerbook, coffee in hand and as soon as I post this I will get on with making some music.

Hopefully I will get some links to some of my own produced music for yis all to have a listen to.